South Africa Women's Olympic Hockey 2024 fixture and results

This is a preview of all matches played by South Africa in the Women's Olympic Hockey 2024 season. You can choose to export this fixture in CSV, XLSX, ICS or JSON format.

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Round Number Date Location Home Team Away Team Group Result
1 28/07/2024 12:45 Yves-du-Manoir Stadium Australia South Africa Pool B -
2 29/07/2024 17:30 Yves-du-Manoir Stadium South Africa Argentina Pool B -
3 31/07/2024 10:30 Yves-du-Manoir Stadium South Africa Great Britain Pool B -
4 01/08/2024 17:30 Yves-du-Manoir Stadium Spain South Africa Pool B -
5 03/08/2024 13:15 Yves-du-Manoir Stadium United States South Africa Pool B -

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